SOLEBURY — Despite a continued manhunt, accused child rapist David Allen Hamilton may have escaped the wooded area of Bucks County where he was last spotted on Friday.

Solebury Police were joined by several other law enforcement agencies on Monday to check vacant buildings and properties for Hamilton, and said in a Facebook post they will continue their search on Tuesday.

Hamilton was charged with a dozen counts of sexual assault against two children by Lower Southampton, Pennsylvania police last week. He was spotted in Morrisville early last Friday morning riding a bike across the Calhoun Street Bridge into Trenton.

"At this present time there are no indications that Hamilton is still in the immediate area. However we will continue to monitor the area to maintain the public’s safety," Solebury Police said in the post. The statement did not say where they think he may have gone.

Residents on both sides of the river are urged to stay vigilant given the proximity to New Jersey.

New Hope, Pennsylvania Police Chief Michael Cummings told Hamilton faces an assault charge for fighting with one of his officers when he was spotted in the woods on Friday afternoon and the officer tried to make an arrest. Hamilton went for the officer’s gun before running into the woods, according to the chief.

A hunter took a picture of Hamilton later that afternoon, which is the last confirmed sighting.

Solebury police said they have received a number of reports of sightings from residents but so far none have panned out.

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