I’m a Giants’ fan, so while I have something of a dog in this hunt (in that a rival player is leaving one rival team for another) – I look at this as an interesting conundrum.

The conundrum of cheering for a player you may have once loved that goes to another rival team.

As an example, it was hard seeing some Mets players take the Turnpike south and play for the Phillies. Lenny Dykstra, Roger McDowell, Tug McGraw.

Especially Tug McGraw.

Happy for him in helping the Phillies win the World Series in 1980. Not happy in the speech he made at the rally afterwards in which he dissed New York.

No, I’ll never forget that.

So now how do you greet a player who’s given you great moments yet plays for a division rival.
Cheer or boo?

According to this from nj.com:

Now a member of the Washington Redskins, Jackson will be making his way to the front page of the sports section in Philadelphia at least twice next season. If he has the same success with Washington next season that he did with the Eagles last year, he'll probably be on the front page even more.

Although the Eagles were likely going to have plenty of prime time games anyway, it is now almost a guarantee that one of the Eagles' matchups with the Redskins will fall on prime time. Jackson's return to Philadelphia, along with big names like Robert Griffin III, Chip Kelly, LeSean McCoy and Nick Foles, is just too good of a story line for either ESPN or NBC to pass up.

Of course, it is also a matchup that made it onto prime time last season, when the Eagles went to Washington in Week One on Monday Night Football.

There is a chance that history may repeat itself -- and the Eagles could open in primetime once again vs. Washington.

Whenever Jackson does make his return to Philadelphia, whether it be in primetime or not, Eagles' fans are going to have an interesting decision to make.

Do they boo Jackson?

Whether or not he was a model citizen isn’t the point. Fact is, if your team was playing the Eagles, he was the player you loved to hate.

So now that he’s going to the Redskins (yes, Redskins!); do you still cheer him despite wearing another uniform. Or does he get booed as any other rival would?