The idea is to dedicate existing resources in a prioritized way that actually helps addicts get the help they need.  We discussed everything from the local heroes who understand the crisis, that the heroin epidemic has become for so many New Jersey families, all the way to the failure of too many politicians to focus on results.

I asked them about what the governor and legislature should be doing to help and the first answer was very clear.  Governor Christie needs to engage and call Daniel and Lynn to see how state government can help.  It's a long overdue call.  The governor should know that candlelight vigils and town halls don't get addicts off the street and into recovery clinics.

 Daniel shared his number on the air (732-962-5442) and he'll be waiting for a call from Governor Christie.  The same Governor who has stated publicly that he wants to focus much of his remaining time in office to solve the opioid addiction crisis in our state.

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