After hearing Artie Lange announce his rehab Monday, I spent all day Tuesday wondering what it's like to come to the point where you realize it's time to seek help.

I asked the question Tuesday night and heard from Ali who's in her twenties from Farmingdale and has been struggling with a heroin addiction over the past ten years. She also lost her sister to an overdose in April and it was her passing that caused her to seek rehab. Ali is in a 12 step fellowship as well.

What's it like in rehab?

"It's nerve racking at first, you're walking into a completely different place than you're used to. On a daily basis, you have a lot of structure, lots of meetings, you learn a lot about yourself and feelings get brought up that you didn't even know you had, but it's helpful, it makes you grow and learn about yourself, you get to take 30-90 days away from life to work on yourself. Sometimes the repetition can get to you but you have to just kind of like rewind and remember that it's time for you to figure out why and what's going on in life and kind of fix yourself."

What did Ali learn about herself? "I had a struggling childhood and I was never really able to ask for help and the one thing I really learned in there was self confidence."

I asked Ali if she could talk to her sister what would she say. "I would just love to tell her where I'm at in life now and every time I walk up in a meeting and celebrate another month clean, I wish I could tell her that and show her the keytag."

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