It's an epidemic in New Jersey for sure. Addiction taking lives, tearing apart families and damaging communities. There seems to be no shortage of people who are aware of the crisis, but how many are in a position to do anything about it?

Our government is heavy on talking points, candlelight vigils and headlines, but pretty light on solutions. One solution that I have suggested for several years on the air is involuntary commitment. I've written before about the distribution and administering of Narcan. A drug that literally can bring someone overdosing back from the brink of death. As important as it is to give someone a second chance, it's equally important to get them immediate help. When someone has to be saved multiple times, sometimes in the same day, we're working hard, but certainly not smart.

Recovery groups, coaches and families whom I've spoken with all seem to agree we need more rehab beds and the right kind of recovery follow up. A combination of an increase in resources to the groups who are already fighting on the front lines, plus a law like "Sabrina's Law", would certainly go a long way to solving the crisis.

One of the groups that needs your support is CFC Loud N Clear. My friends Daniel and Lynn Regan joined me on the show Wednesday morning to discuss their initiatives to help people with relapse prevention and achieving a long term victim over addiction. We also discussed the big event coming up to raise critical funds for their heroic and successful efforts. I'm proud to return for the third year in a row with my podcast co-host Jessica Nutt to emcee Rock the Farm NJ on Saturday September 29th in Seaside Heights New Jersey!


Get your tickets and join us for an outstanding event!

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