One would think that being on the opposite coast and 3,000 miles away from New Jersey, the last thing the New Jersey Devils would have to deal with during the Stanley Cup finals, is the cast of the Jersey Shore being a distraction. Well, guess again.

Apparently Kings fans wanted to make the visiting NJ Devils feel at home in Los Angeles. Fans sitting behind the Devils' bench brought big cardboard cutouts of the faces of the cast of the Jersey Shore. During the game, cardboard cutout heads of  'The Situation," Pauly D,  'J-Woww" and of course,  "Snooki" could all be seen behind the Devils bench.

2012 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Cast of the Jersey Shore helps Taunt the NJ Devils


No game footage caught Coach Peter DeBoer, his staff or any of the players reacting to the photos.

Obviously the Kings fans were having some fun at New Jersey's expense but seeing a huge picture of Snooki or Pauly D is enough to throw anyone off their game. The Kings shutout the Devils 4-0.

Floating Heads of the cast of the Jersey Shore were at Game of the Stanley Cup Finals

With the Devils on the brink of elimination, here is just one more thing we can say that the Jersey Shore cast screwed up in New Jersey.