Facebook has been known to help people solve many mysteries. That’s one of the things that social media is really helpful for. So when a Rancocas Woods woman posted a photo of an odd note that she had found in her mailbox, a lot of her friends and neighbors tried to help her figure out what it was and why it was there.

And they still can’t!

These days, mysteries can also seem a little scary. And while I don’t think this note is threatening at all, what could possibly be behind it? Doesn’t seem the slightest bit nefarious...It’s written on a piece of ruled paper, the kind a school kid would use. And it’s scrawled in what may be a teen’s handwriting.

Photo from Jennifer Stillwell via Facebook

It’s a diary, of sorts, with dated entries that detail what the note writer did that day. July 11 says, “Went to Kellie’s dad’s house.” July 19: “Went to Mike’s.” Also on that day, “I was with Sal” and, in what seemed to be a red letter day for the writer, Aug.19: “Sal met dad.”

Along with the note? A silver shot cup, which kind of makes the whole thing even more curious. It may been placed in the wrong mailbox or perhaps was intended for someone who lived in the home before. If you have any clues, maybe you can help out in solving the mystery.

Photo from Jennifer Stillwell via Facebook

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