Gov. Phil Murphy, who has raised our taxes, wrecked our economy by putting a million people out of work, closed our schools and exploded our debt, is running for re-election. The guy who can't seem to get it right with transportation, education and law enforcement is asking for you to keep him in the office for another four years. Wow. Takes real guts to destroy the lives of so many, not the least of which the thousands sentenced to death under this governor when he forced long-term care facilities to re-admit sick COVID-19 patients despite that ALL the evidence available in March showed that compromised elderly people would be the most likely to get sick and die.

So his policies have kept your business shuttered for 249 days as of Wednesday, Nov. 18. They've caused the deaths of thousands of elderly grandparents and prevented people from practicing their faith, or face Gestapo tactics of being dragged out of their homes.

To make things worse, the governor recently ordered the release of a couple thousand prisoners, many of whom were violent offenders accused of and convicted of crimes like rape, child sex trafficking and manslaughter. We've heard this from credible sources, like the Newark ICE Field Office Director who managed the effort to round up and arrest 88 of these criminals who belong behind bars, not in our communities. At least one Democratic mayor has also pointed out this egregious affront to public safety.

We also heard from Doug Steinhart, a New Jersey attorney and the head of the state Republican Party. He's one of the last Republicans actually speaking up for you. We talked about the governor's dangerous policy and the growing threat to public safety and yes, I put Doug on the spot and asked him if he was going to run for governor next year. Here's what he said ...

Do you think that anyone can defeat Murphy in 2021?

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