According to my friend and attorney Dana Wefer, the answer to the question of the power of prayer is YES. At least when it comes to obtaining and fighting for a religious exemption from a vaccine mandate.

Many people are confused when it comes to religious exemptions. But a religious exemption has nothing to do with formal religion like being Catholic, Baptist or Jewish. A religious exemption is based on a personal belief.

As Dana explained, if you have ever prayed for guidance on what to do regarding getting the vaccine and received guidance through prayer, you can qualify.

To get the details, email Dana at In the subject line put "Requesting Religious Exemption Guidelines."

If you are a public employee and you are facing disciplinary action or termination for refusing the vaccine, you may be headed to what is known as a Loudermill Hearing, which affords most public employees a chance to be heard.

Of course, many can't afford an attorney so they go it alone. The problem is that there are things that can be said in the hearing that may hurt your chances of keeping your job or preserving the ability to sue for compensation after the fact.

The key is to establish the fact that you've been working throughout without the shot and have a sincere religious belief about refusing the jab.

Source Adobe Stock By Thaut Images
Source Adobe Stock By Thaut Images

If you are facing the unjust assault on your civil rights from big corporate or state government, don't go it alone.

Even if you can't afford an attorney, heroes like Dana Wefer are there to provide you guidance if you just ask. Hit me up on the free app and let me know how it worked out for you. Keep the faith and the fight. As long as I have a mic, you will have a voice.

Listen to my conversation with Dana here:

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