Both Bruce Springsteen and The Beatles are in the news this week. Bruce for his record setting shows and his new book “Born To Run” whose signing tour starts in Freehold. Speaking of shows, Ron Howard's “Eight Days A Week” which chronicles the Fab Four's touring years, hits selected theaters and Hulu today.

I became a Beatles fan two years after they broke up, when I was babysitting in Marlboro and Channel 7 ran a double feature of “Help” followed by a 'Hard Days Night.” The next day, I bought all of their albums and needed to know everything about them. There was a “can't fail" attitude about the band and their success that I just locked into and use to help me to this day.

If there was a Jersey version of this attitude, it was Bruce Springsteen who I got turned onto years later. As a teenager ripped out of the place he loved (Union City) and forced to live where he didn't want to be (Marlboro) the chords this Freehold guy hit in me made me feel he knew exactly what I was going through. Especially when he sang "it's a town full of losers, I'm pulling out of here to win.”

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For me, these two acts remind me of the scene in “Bronx Tale” where young Calogero says “I learned something from these two men. I learned to give love and get love unconditionally. You just have to accept people for what they are."

What Bruce and the Beatles are in my life are the two biggest influences. I continue to listen to their songs both on my way to the radio station as well as whatever comedy club I'm performing in.

I've been lucky enough to see both Bruce in concert a number of times including the current “River” tour, as well as Paul McCartney and Ringo, which is the closest I'll ever get to seeing a real Beatles show.

But if you were given a choice on a level playing field, meaning entire song catalogs to choose from, which band would you like to see? Bruce playing up to four hours, or a reunited Beatles?

Personally, with no disrespect to “The Boss” I'm going Fabs. What about you?

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