It is not exactly breaking news that a trip on Brick Blvd. can range from annoying to downright impossible. Is it going to always be this way?

I drive Brick Blvd. daily, and I drive it during peak hours and off hours as well, so I feel like I can speak with some knowledge on the fact that this stretch of roadway can be one of the most challenging in the area.

It's nearly impossible to get somewhere on time when Brick Blvd. is part of the route. It's almost as if the lights are set up to ensure you don't get two green lights in a row, but there never seems to be a problem catching three or four red lights in a row.

I get the challenges. There are a ton of shopping centers with vehicles pouring in and out of them, and that certainly affects the traffic flow. And the crossroads are packed, too and those vehicles have to get their turn, too.

But at some point, don't you think the main road (Brick Blvd.) would be the one with the advantage? At some point? Ever? It never seems to work out that way. and we haven't even factored in the questionable driving. And we all know there is questionable driving ob Brick Blvd.

So, I guess the question is can this ever be fixed? Let the lights stay green longer for Brick Blvd. traffic and the very busy crossroads pile up to an unmanageable level. Change the timing and it could be more of a nightmare.

Then what's the answer? If you say patience, then I respond with, 'that's cute but have you ever been on Brick Blvd'?   That's like saying you need an umbrella for a hurricane. Can we get a traffic engineer to take a look at this? The nice people of Brick deserve it.

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