How low can you go?

How about walking onto someone's front yard and stealing a child's fairy houses?

A resident of the Bargaintown section of Egg Harbor says that's what happened to her. Her security camera captured the theft in broad daylight.

Anonymous Homeowner - Used with permission

The video shows two women pulling their car into the driveway, jump out and grab the little fairy houses that belonged to a 10-year old girl.

One of the houses was made by the girl herself from seashells she collected at the beach.

"It’s just a little decorative house that the garden fairies 'live' in outside. It’s a little girl thing. Like a tiny doll house for outside," her mom told Cat Country 107.3, a sister station of New Jersey 101.5

"The value of the ceramic houses isn't that much — mostly just sentimental value to the family. I hate that my daughter had to have little piece of her innocence lost," the mother said.

Anonymous Homeowner - Used with permission

The theft has been reported to Egg Harbor Township police. If you recognize these thieves, please contact police at 609-926-4036.

Anonymous Homeowner - Used with permission

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