I didn’t get the chance to talk with listeners about this last week when it was blowing up everywhere. I was stricken with flu the week the video of Tom Brady kissing his 11 year old son on the lips was making big news.

Those who don’t find this completely creepy have suggested “it’s a European thing.” Brady was born and raised in San Mateo, California and his values and social norms and cues were locked in long before meeting Giselle, so I’m not buying that. While I’m not suggesting he’s consciously being inappropriate with his son, I think it’s a disgusting thing on several levels. Number one, the boy is 11. If he were 3 or 4 it would be a different story. Any child, boy or girl, approaching adolescence takes cues from their parents of appropriate versus inappropriate behavior. It’s the same reason after a certain age you don’t let your daughter sit on your lap anymore. Number two, if you were going to make such an odd parenting choice as kissing a near adolescent boy on the lips, the length of time the second kiss Brady demanded crosses a line. Any normal human being will see this. Number three, the quid pro quo of you can check your fantasy scores only if you give dad a kiss on the mouth and only if it’s much longer than a peck is disturbing.

No child should be taught affection as a form of currency. If you say this is all normal and healthy, ask yourself why the boy is then seen wiping his mouth with the top of his shirt right after. Strange Brady. Very strange.

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