The incident happened last October and it's just now circulating on some, but very few, websites.

A professor at Rutgers named Brittney Cooper was on a conference on The Root website accusing white people of being "committed to being villains" and that "we got to take these Motherf...ers out".

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Hate and bigotry have no place in our state, as our governor has said in the past, so why has nobody at the state university of Rutgers taken any action, or even noticed?

No decent human being would accept this kind of language and hatred at their own dinner table, let alone coming from a professor at a university.

Hateful, bigoted language toward any one group from any other group is intolerable and especially in a state-run academic institution.

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Parents will often wonder why their kids come out of college with such unrealistic radical ideas.

This is a perfect example of why people don't trust what's being pushed out in our colleges today.

Professor Cooper teaches women's and gender studies and African studies.

Along with the vitriol, many of her so-called facts are wildly inaccurate.

Can anyone justify spending all that money for higher education with people like her teaching any class?

If these words were coming from another person from another group about a different group, maybe someone would notice.

No, for sure everyone would notice, and that professor would be immediately terminated.

That is a fact and maybe we should get back to teaching facts in college.

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