Here's a great chance for a New Jersey lawmaker to look good in front of his constituents. Propose legislation requiring all high schools to allow students entering the military out of high school to wear the military sash with their cap and gown.

You would think it wouldn't have to go this far but you also wouldn't think it would get to the point of threatening a Marine entering senior with a police escort out. That's what happened when Point Pleasant Borough senior Billy Borowski wanted to wear a marine sash brought to him by the recruiter at his ceremony, Billy's father Bill told my fellow New Jersey 101.5 host, Bill Spadea.

Apparently, the school policy is only school related sashes can be worn, like the National Honor Society etc. It's time to change that sash policy to include students entering the military. Call it "Billy's Law." Names always sell. Like you would even need a name to sell this.

It's great that they get to stand and receive an ovation, which Billy got from those in attendance, but like his father says, wearing the sash means so much more. If that's what a man who made the decision to serve his country wants, then that what he should have. That's what a New Jersey lawmaker should propose to give him. Then they should get back to fixing all the other problems in New Jersey.

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