Because of a past divorce, I've spent Father's Days where I didn't get to see my two oldest kids. Yet I was lucky. I had primary custody and saw them the lion's share of the time. But they spent summers away for visitation and Father's Day usually fell when they were gone.

That however is nothing compared to men in the military who don't get to see their kids for many months at a time, let alone on Father's Day. The sacrifices these folks make (and the sacrifices their families make) ought to be humbling. Think about it if you haven't. Hopefully you'll get to spend Father's Day with your kids. If you don't, still be grateful you'll see them far sooner than our military parents will.

And if you are one of those military dads, thank you so much for your service and your sacrifice. You probably don't hear it enough. We'd be nothing without you.

On this Father's Day, here's something I found that is sure to get you choked up. Military fathers and surprise homecomings. Most of the loved ones being surprised are little kids, who are heroes in their own right for sacrificing by sharing their dads for our country.

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