Read a disturbing statistic today about one in four people between the age of 25-34 are considered "idle".

That means, not job, no school, just hangin' out...When you look a little further is turns out that 75% of those considered "idle" have no mental or physical disability,  Couple observations...first, not fair or accurate to consider someone with a disability as "idle".  Second, as an expert points out, most of that 3/4 are not happy with their situation.  They;re not just sitting on the couch playing video games.  Wait, am I hearing this right?

Are experts making excuses for those, young, capable men and women that we should give them a pass simply because they feel bad about themselves?!?  Outrageous.  Get off the couch.  Step away from the gaming console.  Go do something.  How about digging a ditch?  Ever hear of day-trading?  Oh, maybe go volunteer at a soup kitchen, homeless shelter or recovery clinic.  Bottom line is that if you are a healthy individual, there is simple no excuse for doing nothing.  Maybe it's time to stop coddling people and making excuses for them.

How about a little #IdleShaming.

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