Assembly Republican leader Jon Bramnick wants a crackdown on violent crime in New Jersey with a series of bills already in Trenton.

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The bills have various authors. One increases penalties for attempted murder. Bramnick says just because a suspect did not succeed is not reason for the penalty to be lesser than for murder. Another hikes penalties for sexual assault. Another increases penalties for gang initiation.

Bramnick is also getting behind Governor Christie's proposal to deny release to violent offenders with a likelihood of committing more violence while out on bail.

"That's why I think that those really heinous crimes, where a bad guy is going to be released is a big mistake. Keep them behind bars."

One bill in the package would also increase penalties for a suspect who threatens prosecutors or law enforcement or their families.

Bramnick says this is all about stronger deterrents against violent crimes, which he says can make New Jersey safer.