This is very simple yet elegant appetizer for your guests. The trick is to make sure that you use a good quality cocktail sauce. I like the extra bite of horseradish. The freshly groundpepper adds a nice kick, too!


1 Tub Philadelphia Cream Cheese
2 Jars cocktail sauce (the good stuff and I add more horseradish to make it a little more exciting)
1/2 - 3/4 Pound fresh crab meat (I go to my local seafood store to get it fresh, it makes a difference)
1 Box Triscuits (the big ones, of course!)
Freshly ground pepper to taste


How to Put it Together:

With knife slowly and carefully remove cream cheese from tub (go around the shape of the container with the knife keeping the shape as close to the form of container as possible).

Remove cream cheese and place in center of serving plate. In a mixing bowl mix the doctored cocktail sauce with the fresh crab meat, making sure that all the crab pieces are well covered. Pepper to taste.

Slowly spoon most of the mixture on top of the molded cream cheese (covering entire
mold). Retain extra cocktail sauce for refreshing the cream cheese mold later. Surround covered mold with Triscuits and enjoy! I usually serve this using a butter knife to make it easier.


This recipe comes from Big Joe Henry's Big Jersey Cookbook