Mister C’s Beach Bistro - Bar

Allenhurst, NJ


I so enjoy the dining, cocktails and atmosphere of Mister C’s Beach Bistro – Bar in Allenhurst. The restaurant was built in 1931 to look like the outer shell of an ocean liner. The restaurant boasts one of the most magnificent views on the Jersey Shore. I feel that I’m at an upscale beach club without having to pay the monthly dues.

Big Joe Henry/ Cinecall Productions

The restaurant is well appointed, the staff and food are on point and you truly feel that you’re on vacation when you enter Mister C’s. Owners Karen Marzulli and Chic Perrotto (Mister C himself) have been partners for close to 30 years.

The success of Mister C’s began in 1991 in Deal; they then moved and opened their current restaurant in Allenhurst in 2006. Karen and Mister C worked hard in refurbishing and rebuilding the restaurant after Hurricane Sandy did some devastating damage. They did a wonderful job.

Big Joe Henry/ Cinecall Productions

The restaurant is expansive and also is a great location for small private parties. You have to check out the deck and the view; it’s awesome, so much so, I used the deck to include my picture for the cover of this book.

Big Joe Henry/ Cinecall Productions

I enjoy the selection of food and cocktails at Mister C’s. My favorites are the tuna tartar, the Ahi Tuna Nachos and calamari/shrimp with Tai chili glaze. All of these are very good. Chef Tony Ibanez spent time at Le Cirque in New York and continues to put together some great dishes with the Jersey Shore flair and feel. He put a meatball on the appetizer menu and I have to tell you it rivals some of the best Italian restaurants.

Chef Tony has prepared for this cookbook a Coast to Coast Crab Cake. Chef spent some time in California and now lives here in New Jersey and has infused a little bit of both coasts in making this delicious recipe.

Photo by Edgar Chaparro on Unsplash

Mister C’s has claim to an award winning mixologist in Kevin Harvey. He is awesome and knows his cocktails; in fact Kevin was selected as our guest bartender for this cookbook. I’m happy we can include him.


You have to try his amazing drinks while checking out the amazing view and enjoying great dishes from the extensive menu. Mister C’s does it right, make it a part of your dining destination, you’ll be very glad that you did, I certainly am.

Big Joe Henry/ Cinecall Productions

Mister C’s Coast to Coast Crab Cakes


Half duchess crab / half lump crab

1 Egg

3 oz of crushed Ritz crackers

2oz of chopped celery

3 dabs of Hot Sauce ( I like cholula)

a teaspoon of Dijon mustard

a teaspoon of lemon aioli ( Lemon juice and mayo)

Put all ingredients in a large Mixing bowl. Mix ingredients gently. Make a 3 oz ball with the ingredients and place it into the crushed Ritz crackers covering the crab meat. Cook for a few minutes. Goes great over a salad ! Serves two !


The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 weekend host Big Joe Henry. Any opinions expressed are Big Joe’s own.

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