I think having a good prime rib during the holidays has become a staple in many homes, it certainly is mine. I have experimented with different recipes that include some interesting takes on how to cook prime rib so that it comes out the way I like it, between medium rare and medium but tender and still juicy.

I like to get my prime rib at my local butcher. While I know how to remove the cap, string it back on, and remove some fat, my butcher does an outstanding job. I’d rather have him do it right than me fuss with it at home. It’s more expensive but well worth the money.

A rule of thumb is that 1 rib on the prime rib roast feeds two people. That is true but I always get 1 extra rib just in case someone wants another piece or you’re making sandwiches after the fact.

The trick with the preparation is simple, you need to get that prime rib up to room temperature before cooking it. I have found that a good 5 hours does the trick, keep it covered when you bring it up to temp but not too tightly because a tight cover will keep the coldness of the prime rib in.

I use butter with rosemary, thyme, kosher salt, and pepper as a rub on the outside. Depending on the size of your prime rib will determine how much spice and butter you use. Liberal amounts of each of the spices are needed to adequately cover the prime rib, mix spices in a bowl before applying. It will give a more even flavor throughout the entire prime rib.

Take two or three sticks of softened butter and smear over the entire prime rib. Generously apply the herb mixture to the prime rib with a pat-down application. Let sit for an hour at room temperature uncovered.

On the bottom of the roasting pan place some roughly chopped onions, carrots, and celery with a little beef broth to catch the drippings, place the prime rib on a rack in the roasting pan

While the prime rib is sitting, preheat the oven to 500 degrees.

Here’s where you need to do math. Let’s say your prime rib is 6 ½ lbs. You multiply that by 5 and that’s 32 ½ minutes for cooking’s sake rounded up to 33 minutes. 33 minutes is how long you cook it at 500 degrees. Once you reach 33 minutes TURN OFF THE OVEN PUT KEEP THE DOOR CLOSED!!!

So, the rule of thumb is always multiplying the weight of the prime rib by 5 and that’s how long you cook the prime rib at 500 degrees.

Keep that door closed for 2 hours. Check the temperature of the meat, it should read about 120-125 for medium rare. Pull the prime rib out and let sit loosely tented for about 45 minutes.

While the meat is resting, transfer the drippings and roasted vegetables to a sauce pot, add additional beef broth and pepper, bring to a boil then strain and use for au jus.

I like to serve prime rib with mashed potatoes, sauteed or creamed spinach, sauteed mushrooms, and gravy made with au jus.

Crack open a bottle of wine and serve this prime rib for the holidays. From my house to yours, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

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