You’re never too old to learn something new. Our close friends joined me and Jodi for a Lobsta and beer night (Jodi’s from New England so yes, Lobsta).

First of all, for less than the cost of four people going out to a nice dinner, we were able to feed 10 people with leftovers. Lobster, clam chowder, shrimp cocktail, butter parsley potatoes and green beans were all on the menu.

(Bill Spadea's Lobster Meal)
(Bill Spadea's Lobster Meal)

It was a great night with friends as it’s great to live as a normal in these insane times. That said, let’s talk leftovers. Not only was the cost of the dinner less than a night out, way less, but if you look at the cost of lobster meat packaged and sold by a restaurant, you could spend around $60 for a pound of lobster meat. Enter our close friend, Amy. We saved all the bodies of the lobsters after our friends devoured most of the claws and tails. With the meat trapped in what looks like honeycombs under the shell and rolling out the meat in each little leg, we ended up with about two pounds of leftover meat. That did include two leftover tails and five claws.

The trick is to pull off the legs and break them apart in sections and using a rolling pin, or in my case the handle of a lime/lemon juicer, and roll the meat out. It looks like it’s not gonna be a ton, but it adds up. Once you’ve separated all the meat and discarded the shells and gross green stuff from the bodies, you’re ready for the salad.  It’s simple.

Add salt, cracked black pepper and the juice of one lemon to the meat. Then mix with a little mayo. The salad shouldn’t be "creamy", you want chunks of lobster meat. You can also add a little tarragon if you like.

Amy reacted strongly when I suggested chopped celery because she’s a purist, which I respect. So although I get it, and enjoyed it that way for dinner, it’s important to note that a few finely chopped celery stalks will add some volume and add a little crunch.

The key is to brown a New England style hot dog roll, cut across the top. A little butter, brown both sides and add the lobsta mix. We had some ripe avocados so I first spread avocado on the bread and then added the lobster. Delicious.

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