If you think of Best Buy as primarily a place to go when you need a new TV or computer, you might be surprised to hear how the company is changing its stores.

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Yes, the electronics retailer will continue to sell what they are known for -- TVs, DVD players, phones, computers, and what not -- but they are expanding well beyond that.

According to CNBC, at several hundred stores across the country, Best Buy is adding things like patio furniture, beauty gadgets, and more exercise equipment.

The next time you walk into that big blue and yellow store, don't be surprised to see facial steamers, wicker furniture, and microdermabrasion tools alongside 80-inch TVs, cell phones, and computer monitors.

Jason Bonfig, Best Buy’s chief merchandising officer, told CNBC the new product lines are based on feedback from shoppers and searches on its website as they intend to focus on the health and wellness of their customers.

Founded in 1983, Best Buy currently has over 1,140 stores.

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