I think it's wonderful that the city of Belmar has done away with beach fees and parking for one day and instead accepted donations for the devastated town of Rockport, Texas which Harvey hit with 130 miles an hour winds and over 30 inches of rain. Kudos to Belmar and their considerate Mayor Matt Doherty! Now how about doing it for the people of New Jersey? We're not asking for donations, just one day of free beach and parking. Kind of like a "thank you" for all the money we spent there all summer.

It would have been real interesting to see how much money would have been donated if they had instead sent the days intake from the tags and meters. Then we'd know just how much Belmar takes in per day to keep those roads and beaches maintained.

The fact that Belmar can go a day without taking in any money and still operate in the black makes me wonder why they couldn't donate such a day every year to the people of New Jersey. You remember us, we're the ones whose tax dollars rebuilt the shore after Sandy only to continue to be charged when we visit. If Belmar can go one day without taking in any money and survive, I imagine the other shore towns can as well.

That's why I propose making every Labor Day "Beachgoer Appreciation Day." After paying through the nose all year between beach tags and parking fees, wouldn't it be great if these shore towns can give us a nice sendoff until next year with a free Labor Day? I originally thought 'make Labor Day weekend free' but they would never do that. What would be really great is if we could find the day that these towns break even in their expenses and make the rest of the summer free from there but let's take what they're giving us. Belmar has shown us that they can go a day without charging for beaches and parking so again I say let's do it every Labor Day.

Imagine what it would do for the local businesses where people would be spending more. Hopefully if Belmar were to do this, other shore towns would follow. Then we could all end summer with a free day at the beach!

If you listen to my show, you know I'm against paying to go on the beach. We've even assembled a band to sing "Beaches Got To Be Free" about it. We'll probably never get totally free beaches in New Jersey but maybe we can start one day at a time, like. Labor Day!

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