After a Devils-Hurricanes matchup at the Prudential Center, John Malley got into a fight in the parking deck. This goes back to the night of Dec. 23, 2014 when John and his two friends were leaving and words were exchanged with two other guys, a father and son, according to reports at the time and a new one from NJ Advance Media. It's unclear what started it but it quickly turned physical.

One of John's friends decided it would be a good idea to throw a slice of pizza at one of these men. Understandably the guy went after him, and John tried to 'intervene.' One of the guys picked up John and body slammed him to the ground then struck him several times in the face, kicked him in the face, and eventually delivered a knockout blow according to an attorney.

Several fractured facial bones and a concussion later, John claims he has to undergo thousands of dollars worth of plastic surgery. Thus, a lawsuit. Interesting that the father and son involved were investigated but authorities never charged them criminally. Self-defense?

More interesting that Malley is not only suing the father and son, he's suing the Prudential Center as well. His lawyer, of course, says they were negligent in preventing the fight.

I suppose every grown man who goes to the Prudential Center needs to be walked out to their cars now by a security guard who can take the slice of pizza away from them before they throw it and put them in a time-out chair. How pathetic that Prudential Center is being blamed for this when it was Malley's friend who escalated everything? How about suing your own friend? Or better yet, and I know this is a radical idea ... how about just go to your car and not mouth off to other people and ignore anyone who mouths off at you?

High concept, I know.

— Jeff Deminski

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