◻ NJ man accused of using racial slurs in threatening messages

◻ Threats were sent to college student and family

◻ Man was asked to stop by victim, police say

A 44-year-old Ocean County man has been accused of using racial slurs in repeated threatening messages sent to a family, including a college student who attends school out of state.

Walter Maxim, of Beachwood, was charged with three counts of bias intimidation, terroristic threats, stalking and harassment, according to Ocean County First Assistant Prosecutor Michael Nolan.

Ocean County arrest

The investigation began on Monday, when a man visited Beachwood Police Department Headquarters to report that he and family members had been victims of bias-related threats and communications.

The victim said that his son — who attends college out of NJ — was "known to" Maxim’s family.

No further details were given about the extent of any relationship.

Walter Maxim (Ocean County Sheriff's Office)
Walter Maxim (Ocean County Sheriff's Office)

Pleas for harassment to stop

Beachwood detectives said that between July and now, Maxim sent the victim’s son numerous text messages with racial slurs, vulgarities and threatening statements directed toward him and his family.

The college student had asked that Maxim stop contacting him, but the threatening messages continued.

Maxim, who is married, was arrested on Tuesday.

He was taken to Ocean County Jail, where he was being held pending a detention hearing.

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