HOWELL — A bar brawl that started when a man was confronted by a woman for drinking too much ended with the man fleeing from police on his motorcycle.

Now police have the man's helmet and are hoping the public can help identify him.

According to police, the fight happened on Sunday night at Tom's Tavern after a woman scolded a man for not being home with his family.

When police responded to the bar, they encountered a "heavy-set white male" on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and attempted to stop him. Rather than follow the officer's directions, the man — who was described as being bald with tattoos on his neck — sped away on his motorcycle before getting on Route 195.

Police say the man exceeded speeds of 100 mph. Officers gave up the pursuit out of safety concerns but were able to find his helmet.

The department said they will use the helmet as evidence and have it checked for DNA that can help point to the man in question.

"To the offender, just be a man and turn yourself in," Chief Andrew Kudrick said. "You most likely avoided a DWI. Deal with the criminal and motor vehicle charges. You will be caught if you don't."

Howell police said that not only did the man leave before he could be questioned, his female companion had left as well. According to police, he is believed to be a regular at the Cassville Tavern and possibly lives in the Plumsted area.

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