You wouldn’t think ping pong would cause so much consternation, but a proposed facility to train world class table tennis players has inflamed passions in Wayne.

According to, neighbors along Colfax Road, where the facility would go, have already spent tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees fighting the plan. They don’t want any commercial concerns in their neighborhood and they also worry about practical matters such as increased traffic and sewer issues.

The man behind the proposal is an orthopedic surgeon from Franklin Lakes and the facility will not be for your recreational ping pong player who plays in his/her basement. The two story building will include 16 ping pong tables, bleachers, a locker room, a lounge, a pro shop, and a treatment room. A use variance is needed to build the facility in an area zoned residential.

Neighbors are worried that razing part of the wooded area will portend further commercial development in the green space and that there is no solid reason for a variance. goes on to report that the next meeting of the zoning board to consider the proposal is August 19th.

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