Just when you think things can't get any dumber, people are banning teens from malls. Teens are the life blood of malls! This comes in light of the recent fights that have been going on- many of which are set up on social media. I've got news for you, fights have been going on in malls since malls began. The difference now of course is that we have social media.

Back in the day, fights were planned face to face. That is when teenagers used to have to physically talk to each other instead of texting or tweeting. Those were hard times. Once upon a time, I cut school to drive my friend Glenn Stuart, from the B Street Band, and our friend Jerry to Bambergers to buy Led Zeppelin concert tickets. With a store packed full of teenagers, they announce that they are closing the Ticketron which caused a riot in the store. I don't even think it made the news.

Seeing things through cell phone video has added a dimension that has caused reactions to escalate. Is it really wise to ban the people who spend the most time in malls and have the most disposable income? How many mall fights have gone on so far this year? How much money was spent in malls by teens last night?

I think it's much better for the malls to spend what they need to heighten security than to cut off the cash flow that these kids could be bringing in- especially in the food court.

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