It’s back to school, back to work, are you ready for the end of summer? I know I am. I love summer, but I also love fall. Four seasons is one of the big reasons I love living in NJ. One problem I do have though is the kids go back to school too early.

That’s right, we should have a one week extension of summer and add another weekend to the Jersey Shore economy. It’s typically nice through September and the ocean is warm. This of course could be left up to the districts, but it would require the legislature to remove the minimum 181 day requirement for public schools.

Why not? The kids are in school too long as it is based on the movie watching and game playing that typically dominate the last week or sometimes two of school. End on Memorial Day and go back the week after Labor Day. More time to schedule extra help for kids who need it and more time for many older kids to work, not to mention extended family time.

I don’t see a down side, do you?

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