Governor Phil Murphy just signed a law into effect last week banning smoking on all New Jersey beaches starting next year. He and Senate President Steve Sweeney and the usual host of other pandering fools declared: "New Jersey beaches are not your ashtray anymore!" Or some other nonsense to gain favor with the majority of people in this state that find cigarette smoking annoying.

The law won't save anyone's health. If it's a littering issue, step up litter enforcement. But no, this is another 'feel good' law to show the public in New Jersey how much they do for us and care about us. And the shallow thinking, emotionally driven general public cheers. It's disgusting. More disgusting than your toddler sticking his hands in a pile of old cigarette butts. More disgusting than a group of loud teenagers smoking on the blanket right next to you the whole day. More disgusting than you stepping on a lit cigarette and you head from your blanket to the water.

The fact that the majority of people are for banning something they find annoying and ignoring the facts and liberty in general is disgusting. And no one really cares, as long as they're comfortable and their sensibilities are not offended. I laugh when people get protective when people smoke near their kid outdoors. That's nuts, but people believe it's a real danger. Or maybe they're just virtue signaling that you are evil and might be doing harm to their innocent child.

We talked about this on the air Tuesday. We knew most people would be for the ban, but it didn't stop us from telling the truth. You may not like something, but that's not enough grounds to make it illegal... at least not in the rest of America. Someone wrote to our boss to tell her he couldn't believe what I was saying about second-hand smoke and what bull**** it is. He even Googled it and couldn't find any evidence.

That's because he wasn't looking for the evidence. Why should he? It would prove him wrong. Well, Bill, here are some of the many references to second hand smoke being a hoax. Enjoy! And don't go outside today. Someone may be driving a car by your house and you know what that exhaust can do to you Bill!

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