❌ Atlantic City Airshow is canceled

❌ Organizers say major act pulled out

❌ Thunderbirds want airshow to change dates

ATLANTIC CITY — There won't be any screaming jets flying over America's Playground this summer as plans to host the Atlantic City Airshow have disappointingly fallen through.

The two-day event had been scheduled to return for the 21st time on Tuesday, Aug. 13 and Wednesday, Aug. 14. Last year's show brought 485,000 people to Atlantic City, according to the city's tourism agency.

But now the Atlantic City Airshow is canceled, according to a joint statement from the Greater Atlantic City Chamber, Visit Atlantic City, and the South Jersey Transportation Authority.

“We regret to announce the cancellation of the 2024 Visit Atlantic City Airshow due to a major act withdrawing from the Airshow. This decision was not made lightly, and we understand the disappointment it may cause. We extend our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all who have supported this event over the past number of years.”

Atlantic City Airshow 2022 (Dennis Malloy/Townsquare Media NJ)
Atlantic City Airshow 2022 (Dennis Malloy/Townsquare Media NJ)

Organizers say major act bailed

While organizers said that the Atlantic City Airshow was canceled because a "major act" pulled out, they did not say which act was not performing.

Polaris Dawn had been booked to replace the US Air Force Thunderbirds as the headliner at the Wednesday show.

The Polaris Ghost Squadron "was assembled to demonstrate precision formation flying with the aim to inspire the next generation of aerospace enthusiasts," according to its website.

However, WPG Talk Radio reported that Polaris was no longer able to perform resulting in the cancelation.

Will the Atlantic City Airshow return in 2025?

It's unclear whether the airshow will return in 2025. Mayor Marty Small said earlier this year that funding issues put the airshow's future in jeopardy, though this year's event was saved by a $300,000 donation from the South Jersey Transportation Authority, until now.

Small's office was "sorry" to hear that the airshow was canceled, according to a statement from spokesperson Andrew Kramer.

"The Small administration stepped up to do everything that needed to be done to save the Airshow earlier this year, but in the end this is a situation beyond the city’s control," said Kramer.

(Photo: Getty Stock/Thinkstock)
(Photo: Getty Stock/Thinkstock)

US Air Force wants Atlantic City Airshow to change dates

After 20 years of shows, the Thunderbirds and the Navy's Blue Angels were unable to make it this year. There's a chance the Thunderbirds could return to Atlantic City one day but only if the show is moved to weekends instead of weekdays due to logistics.

Most of the Thunderbirds' shows are on weekends; having to perform mid-week puts a strain on the team because they have three performances in a single week.

"Our hope is to return to Atlantic City in future years with a full weekend of elite aerial demonstrations and outreach activities for the community," the Air Force said in a statement to WPG Talk Radio.

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