Another great conversation with our listeners through Facebook LIVE. I try to make sure that at least once a week we're connecting on social media in order to have a real conversation after the morning broadcast about solutions to fix this state. Today was no different. As usual though, we got more questions than I had time to answer so we'll be back at it again on the air this week and next Tuesday.

One of the big questions from today is whether or not I'm considering running for Governor. It's true that politics is a calling for some and once it's in your blood, it's challenging to stay out. You know I have a passion to do the right thing for the people and state that we all care about. It's maddening to see problems and identify solutions knowing that the current political leadership are too blind, dumb or corrupt to actually implement a fix.

The truth is there are no quick fixes in New Jersey. One election alone is not going to put this state back on track. It's a long fix that is going to take many people who care and have the ability to lead.

My current role is a necessary one. Speaking to more than a million of you on a regular basis has helped us get on the right path to take back our state. Over the past five years as your morning drive host, I've made it my mission to spread knowledge and inspire action. We've had our share of wins and losses on this journey for sure, but the wins were significant and we know we can take the state back for normal, taxpaying citizens if we stick to the plan.

My job is to make sure that the politicians who claim to be fighting for you actually are fighting for you. Over the next year, we'll expose more corruption and moral bankruptcy so you'll at least know who to vote against. As far as who to vote for, well, that's a more difficult challenge. There are only four main issues if you ask me: Public Safety, Education, Transportation and of course, Taxation.

We have to elect a Governor who fully supports Cops, Corrections Officers and Federal Law Enforcement Officers so they can do their job and keep us safe. No more illegal aliens let out of prison just to prove a political point against Trump. Not one more accused child rapist sees the light of day hours before a legal detainer order could be executed. Sanctuary state policies are dangerous and destructive. And the days of balancing the budget on the backs of First Responders will be over.

We have to elect a Governor who makes education a priority and restores funding to districts, which are performing at their highest levels instead of playing politics with school funding, which feels like a classic example of using public money to reward allies and punish opponents. But also to prioritize our human capital, teachers! No teacher should live in fear that his or her retirement is in jeopardy.

We have to elect a Governor who understands that in order to get our transportation infrastructure back on track, especially NJ Transit, we need bold action. It's time to monetize the assets of NJ Transit for starters. Why do we have a government agency which has the power to charge you and collect subsidies from taxation sitting on what could be billions of dollars of assets? And instead of obstructing the Federal Government, partner with it and get the tunnel built.

We have to elect a Governor who commits to lowering taxes by creating new revenue from high-end taxpayers, a reverse millionaires tax will attract potentially tens of thousands of millionaires to NJ and we will all benefit from the new stream of taxes. And the largest group of employers in our state, small businesses, need a break.

Tax incentives for the middle class, not the elite insiders who take our money and contribute nothing to the goal of making New Jersey affordable for working and middle class families.Tax incentives to create jobs further building the revenue stream of taxes to pay for our real priorities.

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This is just the beginning. And to all of you thinking of running or already running, this plan is free. All ya gotta do is show us you have the courage and the strength to get the job done.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I'll be sharing more on the specifics of what the right candidate to challenge Murphy should embrace in order to earn your vote. Taking New Jersey back, one vote at a time. Stay tuned.

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