What's scarier than a zombie lurching toward you? A whole lot of zombies lurching toward you.

"Jersey Drone" guy Chad Aaronson's drone had a safe vantage point Saturday, as thousands of the undead took to Asbury Park's boardwalk for the seventh annual Asbury Park Zombie Walk.

The walk almost didn't happen this year — organizer Jason Meehan had expected to cancel it after it got larger than he could handle. He told Big Joe Henry from the boardwalk Saturday how the walk came about how and how much it's meant to him:

Big Joe also connected with the walk's savior — John McGillion, the owner of the legendary Johnny Macs, who stepped in and took the steps necessary to have the undead walk in Asbury Park once again:

In a Facebook post Sunday, organizers thanked the droves of zombies and zombie-supporters who made the event possible, even after being delayed a week for Hurrican Joaquin-related storms.

"Instead of a bittersweet end, yesterday was a terrific new beginning ... and like all of you I got to enjoy it with my friends and family, so many of whom I have met over the past eight years," Meehan wrote.

The 101.5 crew got plenty of great photos from the walk:

And here's some of our favorites from attendees:

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