If there's one thing that's become a staple of the Halloween season, it's those "sexy" costumes everyone loves to make fun of — but that seem to make their way to every party.

You know the ones we're talking about. The sexy nurse. The sexy cop. The sexy Donald Trump (no, really).

But at the Asbury Park Zombie Walk, you won't see a lot of store-bought costumes — sexy or otherwise. What you will see is some of the most inventive costume and makeup work the still-living can whip up. And that goes for these ladies who mixed creativity and femininity to be exactly the sorts of women you'd want to bring home to your undead folks.

Here's some of the best shots we found. Got your own photos? Tweet them to us at @NJ1015 or send it them to us at NewsJerz@nj1015.com.

And see even more photos: 
Most Inventive getups
Cutest undead kids

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