If ever there was a true Jersey comedian for right now, it's Artie Lange. He's coming to the Welmont theater Friday night, working on his new special for Netflix. Artie called me to talk about that and other things Jersey and then dropped a surprise that left me speechless! .

We talked about the genuine love that his fans have for him as well as their concern for his well being, especially after his arrest in Hoboken last Saturday night.

"I'm doing great, people are very nice. People who know you from the radio, it's a more intimate thing, they feel like your friend in the car and they're very sweet. It's almost downright touching." Bruce Springsteen was one of the many people who called to see how he was doing.

You can see Artie on HBO's "Crashing." Lange says, "Judd Apatow had my books and through a mutual friend and I got to know him when he was shooting 'Trainwreck' at the Comedy Cellar. When the show came out there was two lines for a fictitious role for a character, when I auditioned he told me to tell stories from my book and by the end of the week, the pilot was named Artie Lange and I was playing myself." Whether Lange is still on "Crashing" is up in the air depending on who you speak to.

Artie's a huge Four Seasons fan and told the story about how when he was two years old, his father bribed a hotel worker in Wildwood Crest where they were staying to tell him what room they were in , then he threw Artie's favorite toy in there so that he would go get it and Frankie Valli actually had him sitting on the sink singing to him while he was shaving. How Jersey is that? You've got to hear Artie tell this story it's great! Check out the video!

As the conversation went on, I mentioned that I opened for him at the Broadway Theatre in Pittman, but we hadn't met as I had to leave after my spot.  Then shock of shocks, Artie invited me to come and open for him this Friday night! I was stunned and then psyched and now I can't wait. So you've got to come out!

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