George R.R Martin, genius behind "Game of Thrones", which was arguably one of HBO's most successful television series, has signed a five year deal to develop content for HBO and HBO Max. Exact terms of the deal were not disclosed, however the New Jersey author is expected to be paid in the 30 to 50 million dollar range.

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George R.R Martin is currently an executive producer of HBO "Game of Thrones'' prequel "House of the Dragon" which is scheduled to premier next year. With the sheer drawing power of "Game of Thrones" the industry experts put a price tag of 2.28 billion dollars that was generated through the successful series.The series made a 285 million dollar profit for each season.

HBO made the profit mostly from additional subscription growth. The growth was basically flat from 2010 to 2011. Enter the "Game of Thrones" series in 2011. HBO went from 39.4 million subscribers to 54 million subscribers in 2017. Internationally the numbers were just as impressive with a gain, in the same year, of over 30 million more subscriptions. No wonder why they want George R.R Martin for more content

George R.R Martin is from Bayonne, New Jersey and has talked in the past about how the ideas for the first book of "Game of Thrones'' came from staring across the water at Staten Island, New York.

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I had the pleasure of meeting George when he was inducted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame. It was an honor to meet the man who takes us out of reality for an hour or two each week. Invariably if you were a fan of "Game of Thrones'' you will appreciate "House of the Dragon" and the content that George R.R Martin has in store for us.

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