Comedian Artie Lange who announced on New Jersey 101.5 that he was entering rehab, came back to our studios to tell us how it went. Among the things Lange spoke of were his feelings on Anthony Cumia, formerly of the iconic "Opie and Anthony" radio tea,  whom he co-hosted a show with and allegedly "ranted" about on twitter.

Was it a rant or just sarcasm?

 "I'm glad I can rebut this,says Lange, "because first of all Cumia does a show which no one listens too now because I'm not on it. Actually listenership went up when i left ... [on the comments Cumia made towards him] it was gentle ribbing." I asked if he would be okay with having Anthony call in and he said "Sure"

That's the problem quoting off Twitter, you don't really know the true mood of the person or where they are coming from when they tweet. Although on that twitter "rant" Artie goes on to say "I actually like Anthony, I just badly need the attention"

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