A lot of amazing things happen in this week’s episode: for instance; friend of the show and best-selling author, Jeff Ryan, returns to talk about his brand new YouTube show (available soon on JayBlack.TV, just follow the YouTube links when you get to the site). Jeff is an amazing talent, having written books about Super Mario and Mickey Mouse, and his area of expertise is giving us entertaining histories of our favorite characters. His new show is all about this and he tries to stump Bill, Jessica, and myself with some pop culture trivia.

But I suspect even with all of that exciting content, the big takeaway from this show will be Bill’s hilarious story about blow-torching weeds on his driveway... in flip flops, which is probably the most Bill thing Bill has ever done.

So, I urge you: come for the bad decisions of Bill Spadea, stay for the entertaining content provided by Jeff Ryan! Download this week’s episode right now!

Oh and as always, please remember to subscribe, rate, and review us on iTunes. That way we can keep blow-torching unsuspecting plants well into the future!

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