A new case has shown that you don't have to be in a physical relationship with another person to be cheating on your significant other. 

Ron Chapple Stock/ThinkStock

In France, a judge ruled in favor of a husband whose wife was engaging in intimate conversations with multiple men on online dating websites. Although she had never had any physical contact with the men she was flirting with, her behavior was still considered unfaithful. The couple was granted a divorce because of her actions.

As technology progresses, several new dating opportunities are appearing. You don't have to date people from behind a computer, you can do it from the palm of your hand on your cell phone. There are even dating websites designed specifically for people who are looking to cheat on their significant others. It's becoming easier for people in relationships to flirt with others, without their partners ever having to know.

Do you agree with this ruling? If a person is engaging in intimate conversation, but not physical contact, with another person while they are married, are they cheating?

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