A new survey of 26,000 people showed that for the first time in a long time, sex is down. The survey was conducted over 4 years, from 2010-2014 and revealed that people are having sex approximately 16 times less per year than those surveyed 10 years earlier.

There were various theories as to why this was so, and when I talked to our listeners, I found the same was true for them. According to a Twitter poll we are currently running, 66% of our listeners said that in fact, they were also having less sex now than they were 10 years ago.

As New Jerseyans, we know it all. So we decided to come up with our own theories, and our NJ 101.5 listeners are no slouches when it comes to sex knowledge. According to them, here are the top eight reasons New Jerseyans are sex-starved.

1. Porn
With the accessibility of porn on smartphones and computers, some people opt for it rather than the real thing.

2. Not wanting kids
Living in New Jersey can be a powerful contraceptive

3. Video games
The proliferation of video games keeps male partners way to busy for a silly thing like an intimate relationship with wives/significant others.

4. Living with parents
We've got more 18-35 year olds coming back home to mom and dad's than ever. Not exactly the most conducive place for a hot night of passion.

5. Obesity
We're fatter than ever. So we've got less stamina, less energy and less self esteem. That combo will do a number on your libido.

6. Drugs
Whether prescription or recreational, we're on more medication than ever before. These can not only lower sex drive, but can lead to addiction: A pretty big distraction from sex.

7. Screens
Smartphones, tablets, smart TV's, DVR, Netflix.. the list goes on and on. Who has time for sex when you're busy binge-watching or scrolling through Instagram?

8. Partner fatigue
This happens in every state, but it's magnified here, in the most densely populated state in the country. You're sick of work, taxes, insurance, traffic, government corruption. Obviously you're gonna be sick of your same old sex-partner, too!

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