A new study is claiming that Disney films send the wrong message to children because they downplay the struggles of the working class. Apparently, Aladdin is too happy for a street rat, and Grumpy is not angry enough in “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” The study looked at 32 Disney movies and determined that they “erased” the problems of the working class.

Most Disney movies are fantasy anyway, a way to escape from your struggles. Why bring them down with real life problems? Personally, I think these “researchers” should relax by watching a Disney movie off the clock.

First off, why is it Disney’s responsibility to introduce or remind children of the struggles of the poor in every movie? Chances are they’re getting enough of that at home and if not, they’ll hear about it soon enough.

The researchers also had a problem with the fact that the working class characters have fun while at work. As if children would rather see the dwarfs bitching and moaning about their miserable day rather than singing about digging in a coal mine. That would really add to the story. Is it possible that some people may actually like their jobs even though they’re not making what the researchers think they should?

They're also not a fan of Snow White marrying a Prince instead of one of the working class dwarfs. What’s wrong with the message that anything is attainable no matter who or where you are?

What are you looking for when you take your kids to a Disney movie? Would you like them to be more reflective of the times?

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