Friday, March 15th, high school and college students around the world will be skipping class to push something called "The New Green Deal". Several schools in New Jersey are participating including high schools in Princeton and Morristown. The reason this is so serious and dangerous is that these CHILDREN have been brainwashed into thinking the planet will not be able to sustain life in less than 12 years. This junk science is being pushed by several politicians and repeated often in media, entertainment and academia.

The masterminds behind this scare are brilliant. Terrify the young and bring them to your side without the real facts and any real perspective on life, science, history or global information. This new green deal would cripple our economy and do nothing but make our country as poor or backward as any developing nation. We are by far not the biggest polluter in the world and the U.S. has made tremendous strides in improving the quality of our air, water and the environment as a whole.

The United States ranks better than all but one European country and has the 4th best record in the world when it comes to air pollution. Even if we did adopt some or all of the insane proposals in the new green deal, the rest of the world would laugh in our faces and steal our lunch. This is a pipe dream of the most idiotic and dangerous kind and should be denounced by educators, credible media figures and anyone with a voice and half a brain.

If any student is out from school Friday he or she should be suspended, expelled or be subject or good old school corporal punishment. A severe paddling might not be enough. A sharp smack in the head might not even be effective. Think of the most embarrassing disgusting juvenile delinquent behavior a teenager can do and I think this is worse. Because this is the future of our country and if enough of them have been brainwashed enough to be this passionate about this hoax and scam, then we are in great danger. In danger of losing our liberties, our autonomy and our very way of life.

This hysteria and blind faith in this kind of nonsense is worse than a teen drug epidemic, alcohol abuse or rampant teen pregnancy. Most of the widespread social injustices of the past have been remedied and long forgotten. But the combination of rebellious youth with the help of social media, the mainstream media, entertainment and the education system keeps stirring the pot and turning up the heat, when there's nothing in the pot! If you're responsible for one of these kids who's not just looking for a day off, but is a true believer, you have failed miserably as a parent.

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