Congratulations guys, we're talking about you! You got what you wanted!

Now use your platform to apologize to every woman who has ever had the misfortune of being in your presence.

Who am I talking about? The hosts of a new podcast seemingly made for incels called "The No Filter Podcast." They released a video on TikTok titled "Is this too much?" in which they discuss their unasked for thoughts on women's bodies after giving birth.

... Cool.

In the video Anthony Casasanta (who lives in Wayne, NJ), Nick Casasanta, and Jason Girratano talk about women's bodies post-pregnancy. Let me save you from giving them the precious click that they want, here's what Anthony says.

If my wife lets herself go after I have kids with her, I’m going to tell her, once: ‘If you don’t get your s**t together… If you can’t do that, I’m out... I still want to be sexually attracted to my wife.

"I'm out"?! If that's your attitude you shouldn't even be thinking about fatherhood. What a selfish piece of trash.

If a woman goes through 9 months of a hellish pregnancy to give you a child, your first concern maybe shouldn't be "but how does she look?"

For anyone who does want to view the video, click here to open it in a new browser window. Be warned about the language.

The hosts seem to feel no remorse after their post went viral and was rightfully trashed in response videos. Anthony messaged the New York Post to say that they're not sorry and "it's also not only about weight gain after childbirth, it's also about mental health as well as the physical health."

Did he forget his own words? He never seemed to care about his wife's health. He cared about whether or not his you know what could get you know how.

As for mental health, maybe what would be best for her is not being shamed for potentially not being pencil thin after literally creating a human being inside her own body. I'm just spitballing here.

Though a coherent thought seems to be too much to ask from the brilliant minds who gave us the YouTube video "Women Cheat More Then Men!!" No, that's not a typo from me, they used the wrong "then."


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