It always makes the news with big businesses leave the garden state due to our high taxes, oppressive government restrictions and overall horrible business environment. I think it’s important that we focus on any business that leaves- even the smaller guys. And sadly, another one bites the dust. A 75,000 square-foot print production facility and data center that opened in Newark 10 years ago is shutting down and laying off its 116 employees., a digital printing and content management company based in New York, will close its plant on Mt. Olivet Avenue this year and is looking to go elsewhere. The CEO of the company sites, in no uncertain terms, better incentives elsewhere and lower taxes. (Even the incentives that the company was promised have not come through.) So another strong, growing company providing over 100 jobs for New Jerseyans is outta here.

We have probably become desensitized at this point and don’t even think twice now when we hear of a strong, growing company pulling up roots and hauling out of here. But please try not to be. Try not to forget how sad, scary, and dangerous this is for our future here in New Jersey. Because that’s the first step in socialist indoctrination: the people get so used to what’s going on that they lose the will to fight. And the ones who don’t escape, remain complacent and become completely controlled by the government. And don’t even notice.

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