I've been using TD Bank since before they were TD Bank. It was called Commerce Bank, started by a brilliant local entrepreneur. The bank then and now has always treated me well. They're all over my area and they have convenient hours.

One of the things I like the most about having an account there is that I could take all of the loose change I've collected over the year, in my car, in the change jar in my kitchen, and dump all of it in one of their machines and get real cash, real quick.

Not anymore, thanks to a class action suit in which the bank settled for 7.5 million dollars.

This past Monday, they started the process of paying that out to the public. The form is tedious and difficult to figure out if you can't remember each and every time you used the penny arcade machine.

But it was worth the filling out the legal forms for the attorneys that filed the suit. They get a windfall and the false credit for "saving the poor consumer from getting swindled by the big bad bank!" While suckers like you and me scramble for whatever loose change you can prove that allegedly "stole" from you.

I had a former employee tell me they went over the records and when there were mistakes, many times, the customer came out on the winning end. No matter. It's over.

Now you have to go to a retail store and pay a sizable percentage to change your own money. The bank took the machines out. And the lawyers took home a s--t load of money.

Aww, what a sweet New Jersey bedtime story!

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