I thought it was really sad that The Limited was closing. The Limited, which had locations all over the United States announced earlier this year that it would be closing its doors, it and its spin off The Tween clothing retailer. Just more in a long line of retailers who have experienced declining sales since the advent of online shopping.

I wasn't a huge Limited fan, but I did notice it trying to reinvent itself in recent years, and that its inventory became smaller and smaller. What I do find sad, simply for the memories, is the announcement of the same fate for Wet Seal.

Wet Seal, which sells contemporary women's clothing, will be shuttering all its locations at some point this year. According to reports, decision was made after a buyer was unable to be found for the company.

Wet Seal is located locally in the Monmouth Mall in Eatontown and the Freehold Mall. It carried low budget or economy-priced brand name and company-designed apparel and accessories. The company was founded in Newport Beach, California, by a guy named Lorne Huycke.

Legend has it that the "Wet Seal" name comes from a comment Lorne Huycke made during a fashion show commenting that a model wearing a bathing suit looked like a "wet seal".

Wet Seal was a dream for teen girls and twenty-somethings and I probably had no business shopping there. But so many women in my age group did! It had that trendy, sexy perfect outfit every time you walked in. (Though in later years the merchandise seemed to have become more tacky and slutty and was not as well made.)

But at the start, it was Forever 21 before Forever 21. It, along with its predecessor, Contempo Casuals, started the trend of cool, stylish and cheap clothes that everyone could afford. The clothes were inspired by more expensive "boutiquey" items, but instead of being pricey, you could buy a bag full of stuff for 100 bucks or less.

Ironically, the success of Forever, is probably what ultimately did them in. Many date night outfits were made at Wet Seal, and along with my youth, I'm going to miss it.

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