It seems like only yesterday that we were enjoying incredibly delicious Mac and Cheese on the morning show. It was a wild day that winners and losers all walked away stuffed. WE had a chance to catch up with the big winners on the day, the great folks from the Fireman's Mutual Benevolent Association. President Eddie Donnelly joined Jay Black and Jessica Nutt for a behind the scenes conversation after Eddie took home the trophy (yes, it was a $0.79 box of elbow macaroni...obvi). Jay of course put his foot in his mouth early in the conversation and then spent the rest of the podcast trying to get it out. He explains it best here:

Written by: Jay Black

On today’s podcast, the second of our massive two episode Mac and Cheese extravaganza, we interview the winners of the Mac and Cheese Day, firemen Steve Spurr and Eddie Donnelly. We get to hear their philosophies and theories as they relate to macaronis and cheese (I just assume that mac and cheese is pluralized like Attorneys General) and also my own dumb theories about how fireman shouldn’t be called “first responders” but rather “firstER responders” because running into a burning building should count more than other types of responding.

Like most of my theories, the more educated guests on the podcast informed me very quickly of how dumb it is.

That said, you are granted a beautiful couple of minutes at the beginning of the podcast when it’s just Jessica, Eddie, Steve, and special guest judges Vinnie Brand and Adam Geller. Not hearing my voice for an entire segment alone is worth the price of admission!

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