Dear stubborn left-lane drivers,

I have some words for you.

You are some of the most frustrating drivers on New Jersey roads.

I’m talking to the drivers who stay in the left lane even though they aren’t passing anyone on the right. Even worse: they’re driving the speed limit in the left lane.

Something basically unheard of in New Jersey.


I was driving home Friday night, going east on Route 195, and there was a driver that I encountered who was exactly this kind of left-lane jerk.

I came up behind them in the left lane and had to slow down to 65 mph. (Shockingly, there was no PA license plate to be seen).

We kept driving at this speed for about 20 seconds before I started becoming annoyed (what can I say? I’m a Jersey Girl, I don’t have time for your misguided driving!).


I gave them a quick flash of the high beams to signal, “You shouldn’t be in this lane.”

Nothing changed.

We kept going 65 in the left lane for an amount of time I can’t honestly remember.

I gave a second flash of the high beams, this time admittedly a little longer. Maybe three seconds.

High beams/bright lights reflecting from rear view mirror

This is when the *beep*hole driver slowed down in an attempt to make ME feel like I was the one in the wrong.

Nice try, dolt. You’ve underestimated THIS Jersey driver.

I finally had an opening to pass this car in the right lane, which I don’t enjoy doing but will do when push comes to shove.

Properly annoyed, I passed the driver and honked my horn to let them know how pissed I was. They had the stones to honk back at me.

Photo of driver honking in traffic on the road

They. Honked. Back.

*Cue massive eye roll*

At this point, I almost lost my mind at the thought of this person thinking they were actually the one who was following the rules of the road.

Even though it was dark and foggy, I found some comfort in giving them a firm Jersey Salute.

Townsquare Media illustration
Townsquare Media illustration

Lo and behold, after I passed them on the right, several cars who had been behind me did the same.

So guess what, stubborn left-lane drivers? I know you think you’re the greatest gift to NJ roads by going the speed limit in the left lane. But you're not. Especially when there are multiple cars behind you.

To paraphrase Taylor Swift: You’re the problem. It’s you.

Keep right except to pass, and if you do find yourself in the left lane, move fast and don’t allow multiple cars to line up behind you.


A frustrated New Jersey driver

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