In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, we're hearing some amazing stories of survival, including this note that was found in a home in Toms River:


Here's a transcript:

Who ever reads this I'm DIEING - I'm 28 yrs old my name is Mike. I had to break in to your house. I took blankets off the couch. I have hypothermia. I didn't take any thing. A wave thru me our of my house down the block. I don't think I'm going to make it. The water outside is 10ft deep at least. There's no res[c]ue. Tell my dad I love him and I tryed get[t]ing out. His number is ###-###-#### his name is Tony. I hope u can read this I'm in the dark. I took a black jacket too. Goodbye. God all mighty help me.

At first, a number of us, myself included, weren't quite sure what to make of this. Was it legit? Was it a hoax? I tried calling the number on the note and it went right to voicemail. I decided to give it one more try before I got on the air, and someone picked up. It ended up being Tony. I told him that I'd been given a note, and right away he said "yeah, that's my son Mike, he's here. Would you like to talk to him?" Of course the great news here is that Mike is ok, but went through quite a harrowing experience. Take a listen to our chat: